Dear Black Child

A Letter to the Black Child on MLK 2021

You carry the paradigm for the new world order that our ancestors insisted come to light. You are destined for greatness. You show us what true resilience looks like: fire in the streets, political rampage, and school shutdowns. You continue to challenge and resist a system that says you are less than.

As I bear witness, I feel for you. I cry for you. I pray for you. I know it is not easy, but you have shown us what is necessary and what is possible, which is the impossible.

Just remember that in a world that consistently tries to kill your spirit, you are connected to an infinite amount of abundance aligned just for you. You are not alone. This is your birthright and rites of passage. You are led by the greats who have come before you. Never let others steer you away from your self-confidence and identity.

You have called the masses to action. You have shown us that there is no time to be fearful or silent. Remember, Blackness is beautiful, resilient, infinite, rhythmic, vibrant, and abundant. When they tell you otherwise, you correct them every time.

I love you Black child because I was a Black child. I’ve heard so many times that I wasn’t enough, but I stand for you. Know that I will always be a gatekeeper, advocate, and confidant. In a world where anti-Blackness permeates through every system, know that it is based in peoples’ feelings of inferiority, and not fact. So keep an open heart and light up every room you step in because it’s your destiny to shine.

There is hope, there is love, and there is such a thing as more than possible because there is a you, Black child.

Tyisha is a Clinical Mental Health graduate student at Trinity Washington University and a yoga teacher certified in the Trauma Conscious Yoga Method.

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