Usui Reiki Energy Healing

Resilient Child Therapy Institute is one of the few mental health practices in the area that provides Reiki (pronounced RAY-key) to children and adolescents. We also offer Reiki Energy Healing to adults. Reiki is a holistic system for balancing, healing, and harmonizing all aspects of the person–body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It can also be used to encourage personal and spiritual awareness and growth. Reiki in combination with traditional therapy can help to release and restore internal imbalances, while promoting clarity and relaxation. We offer a trauma-informed approach to our Reiki services by helping our clients uncover what has been causing blockage and/or pain, as a step towards healing and empowerment.


What occurs during a session?

Typically, Reiki is facilitated by light touch and is practiced while a client is lying on a massage table wearing loose, comfortable clothing. Reiki can also be given while the client is seated or standing, and can be practiced several inches or more off the body. Reiki is very safe for people highly sensitive to touch and offers the client great control over the process. Each position is held for three to ten minutes depending on how much Reiki the client needs at each position. The whole treatment usually lasts between 45 and 90 minutes.


What does a Reiki session feel like?

What is experienced during a Reiki session varies from person to person. Typically, feelings of deep relaxation are felt by clients. Some experience a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around them. As the Reiki energy encourages one to let go of all tension, anxiety, or other negative feelings a state of peace and well-being is experienced. Clients may perceive a tingling sensation, a feeling of warmth and comfort, or a sense of release.


What type of conditions are treated?

Reiki facilitates the body’s innate wisdom of wholeness and its capacity to heal. Anxiety, depression, and chronic conditions including stress, pain, insomnia, fatigue and autoimmune conditions can all be symptoms that our bodies are holding onto the past. This work helps to integrate those patterns of nervous system activation.


How many visits are needed?

The number of visits depends on the goals of the client. Energy healing does not require weekly or long term commitment. People living with chronic conditions may find that a few sessions close together followed by monthly, or quarterly maintenance visits are effective additions to their self-care practice. Parents and caregivers may find that sessions can help them expand their self-care routines, prevent burn-out and stay grounded in their parenting journey.


What does it mean to be trauma-informed?

Our life experiences are stored and remembered in our bodies. When we experience trauma, our bodies may hold the memory as tension, chronic pain, or in the form of other symptoms or blockages even if our conscious minds don’t remember. The impact of trauma can manifest in a more sensitive nervous system, which means that automatic surivival responses like fight, flight, or freeze might be easily triggered by certain sensory input that others may experience as more neutral or pleasant.

In a trauma informed approach, we make an intentional effort to address the body’s response to stress and trauma. We empower clients to guide the healing process and provide opportunities for them to practice making choices, setting boundaries, and trusting their body. We pay close attention to non-verbal communication and encourage clients to provide feedback at any point during the session.


Do I have to have a trauma history to benefit from Reiki?

No, Reiki can be helpful for anyone, regardless of their past. Reiki treats the WHOLE person and is used to reduce physical and emotional pain, while facilitating deep relaxation and assistance during times of transition, grief, and loss.


Do you accept insurance for Reiki?

Unfortunately insurance companies do not cover Reiki at this time. Clients may have the option to  pay with their HSA or FSA accounts.


Ready to invest in Reiki?

Lego® Play Therapy Group

March 19 – April 16, 2022

Our new five-week therapy group aims to provide children ages 8-10 with skills training in social communication, collaborative problem-solving, and fine motor development. This group is ideal for children with a variety of communication and social development difficulties. Due to COVID, we will only be accepting a limited number of registrants and requiring masks.